imebase product tour

ss_admitoneWe’re glad you’re interested in imebase. We’ve put together this tour through some of the features that we think you will like about our product.

Please keep arms and legs inside the car at all times on the tour. These features are surprisingly powerful.

Add a great referral form to your website

The referral form gives your customers an easy way to create referrals, and saves you having to re-enter the information they provide.

Added bonus: your company is listed as an IME provider for new customers to contact you.

  1. Keep track of everything about the case request. The requestor can enter as much or as little as they wish to
  2. You or your customer can capture relevant details about the case
  3. Upon entry, the case can be assigned to an IME provider, or you can choose to work the case yourself. Manage your own cases, refer them to an IME provider, or sub-contract them – the choice is yours

Manage your work with thedashboard

Much like your car’s dashboard provides everything you need to know at a glance,imebase‘s dashboard helps you understand where you are on all of your cases.

With powerful filters to show work by employee, or status, and quick access to messages, new services, and requested services, the Dashboard keeps everything together.

  1. Use filters to understand the status of each case, then to prioritize your lists to get your work done.
  2. Review cases by employee.
  3. Read your new messages and respond to new requests for each case. Messages turn imebase into a communication platform for you and your customers to get work done.
  4. See an agenda for today and this week from your calendar.
  5. Keep track of your incoming and outgoing services. Even if you don’t request IME services, imebase allows you to subcontract cases to your colleagues.

As you use imebase, you enter the names, addresses and details of physicians, attorneys and clients. imebase keeps track of contacts in an address book, so no longer will you find yourself entering the same information over and over.

As you work cases, the power of the address book comes alive by helping you select physicians by specialty or distance to the claimant, and provides powerful search and filter tools to pick the right contact for anything.

  1. Your address book can be searched by proximity to a claimant, by company, or by any other criteria that helps you work your cases
  2. When you’re entering information in a case, you can open your address book to select a contact
  3. Information entered by you or your colleagues can automatically be added to your address book

Stay connected with messages

Unlike email, imebase Messages are a HIPAA-compliant way to keep connected about each case with your employees, customers, and physicians.

And because messages are automatically attached to your cases, you don’t need to hunt through email to figure out what’s going on.

  1. Messages are your communication tool to keep connected with everyone working on a case.
  2. You can alert individuals to important messages by picking them from your address book. When you alert colleagues, your message will show up on theirdashboard-ensuring they see your message.

Get things done with the calendar

As you work on cases in imebase, the calendar automatically picks out important dates from cases to display on your calendar. Then, you can visualize these dates, filtering for the type of event or cases assigned to you or your company.

With snappy drag-and-drop performance, the calendar is a great way to plan your work.

  1. Rapidly navigate through your schedule with the calendar widget. Days with calendar events show up in blue to help you find events.
  2. Filter your calendar to see hearings, exams, or custom events you have added to your calendar. Your calendar can show events for you or your company.
  3. The calendar is lightning fast – you can drag-and-drop events or scroll through weeks without ever waiting for imebase to catch up with you.
  4. Access information about each case without switching from the calendar screen.
  5. Your calendar helps you plan ahead by allowing you to view dates as far in advance as you wish to plan.

Save time with automatic document creation

imebase uses data that’s already entered in each case to automatically create your physician questions, claimant notices, or any other document you need, then fax or mail them automatically with just a click of the mouse.

  1. For setting up your system, you can use our well-designed templates, or templates based on your existing documents-there’s no limit to the number or type of documents imebase can create for you. And to make sure nothing slips through the cracks, imebase keeps track of each document that is sent and who received it.
  2. imebase allows you to track each document you’ve mailed.
  3. And the reliable, fast faxing system allows you to fax documents with just one mouse-click. Say goodbye to tedious printing, faxing, and mail-merge.

Be more efficient with electronic file uploads

Reduce your courier and printing costs while simplifying your organization with file uploads.

And because imebase does automatic back-ups, you can eliminate those pesky file cabinets.

  1. Anyone involved in a case can upload documents to a case. Once uploaded, the files are attached to a case, providing the most convenient way to store documents imaginable-no more searching through CDs, email, or FedEx envelopes.
  2. Once a document is uploaded, it stays with the case until it is deleted. This allows you to say goodbye to your expensive paper filing system.

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