imebase for IME requestors

st_smilingimebase helps you manage your IME cases by providing a single tracking system for all of your IMEs-regardless of which vendor is performing the service.

imebase lets you send an IME request directly to an existing provider, or locate a new provider for your IME needs.



Say goodbye to multiple logins

Take back control of your IME caseload by tracking all your IMEs in one system. This means no more forgotten passwords, auditabilty across your whole organization, and an easy way to see the performance of your IME vendors.

Keep your claimant data secure

Securely transmit confidential protected health information (PHI) to your vendors so you don’t risk financial damage to your organization. Learn about protecting your data withimebase.

Stay updated on all of your open IMEs

sd_documentsimebase gives your company the ability to more easily request and keep track of all your IMEs. It also allows you to, at a glance, see case status and the progress your vendors are making on all your open cases.

Free to you

imebase is paid for by the IME companies who use it to manage their IME process. This means that we can offer imebase to you for free.

Next steps

We’d like to answer your questions and help you determine if imebase makes sense for you. Remember, it is always free for requestors to use imebase.