Job Opportunity

Job Title: Web Developer (Remote Welcome)

We are building one of nation’s best Independent Medical Examination (IME) and services companies. Our developers work directly with our customers and sales and support teams, not business analysts and managers, to figure out how to make our customers happy. This means that our developers have a broad set of responsibilities and roles to cover in a work environment full of exceptional and driven professionals.

What You’ll Do:

  • First and foremost, design and develop software for the TechSource product line. This includes web applications for IME vendors and insurance companies as well as APIs to integrate with third-party systems.
    You will work side-by-side with our customer-support and sales staff to understand customer needs and make sure your work really matters.
  • Design and develop internal support software such as support-team utilities, automated test scripts, and deployment scripts.
  • Assist our support team to resolve tough customer issues.
  • Assist with revision control and deployment, also improving the process to increase our efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Serve as internal subject matter expert for all things related to development.
  • Continuously improve your technical and design expertise, learning new tools, techniques, and ways of working.

Our Technology Stack:

  • We embrace open-source standards from programming language to OS.
  • Our primary SaaS platform is PHP / MySQL running on Apache hosted on CentOS.
  • Client specific integration applications are developed in Ruby on Rails with jQuery.


  • Four-year computer science or engineering degree or equivalent experience.
  • Demonstrated experience and proficiency in developing web-based software and interfaces.
  • Demonstrated experience and proficiency in developing SQL database software.
  • Experience with our development tools and environments desired such as PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, EXT, Ruby (primarily with Rails), and SQL.
  • Desire to drive development and provide strategic direction for IT practice.