Product Features

Manage your contacts

ss_pencilAs you use imebase, your contacts are added to your company’s address book. You don’t need to keep entering the same names, addresses and phone numbers, so you save time and avoid errors.

As you work cases, the power of the address book comes alive by helping you select physicians by specialty or distance to the claimant, and provides powerful search and filter tools to help you pick the right person for the job.

Add a great referral form to your website

Provide your customers the ease of online referrals and get the benefit of automatic data entry to imebase with absolutely no programming. And to get more business, your company is listed as an IME provider for new customers to contact you.

Save time with automatic document creation

sd_documentsimebase uses data that’s already entered in each case to automatically create your physician questions, claimant notices, or any other document you need, then fax or mail them automatically with just a click of the mouse.

You can use our well-designed templates, or templates based on your existing documents – there’s no limit to the number or type of documents imebase can create for you.

And to make sure nothing slips through the cracks,imebase keeps track of each document that is sent and who received it.

Manage your business with the dashboard

Much like your car’s dashboard provides everything you need to know at a glance,imebase‘s dashboard helps you understand where you are on all of your cases. And with powerful filters to show work by employee, or status, and quick access to messages, new services, and requested services, the Dashboard keeps everything together.

Stay connected with messages

ss_stampUnlike email, Messages are a HIPAA-compliant way to keep connected about each case with your employees, customers, and physicians.

And because messages are automatically attached to your cases, you don’t need to hunt through email to figure out what’s going on.

Be more efficient with electronic file uploads

Reduce your courier and printing costs while simplifying your organization with file uploads. And because imebase is always backed up, you can eliminate those pesky file cabinets.

Get things done with the calendar

As you work on cases in imebase, the calendar automatically picks out important dates from cases to display on your calendar. Then, you can visualize these dates, filtering for the type of event or cases assigned to you or your company. With snappy drag-and-drop performance, the calendar is a great way to plan your work.