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ss_testing2We’ve created a pair of imaginary companies for you to try out imebase. One is a company that performs IMEs; the other is a business that requests them.

When you’re ready, submit your email addressbelow and we’ll send you a link. Once you’re in, you can switch between different company roles. Of course, we never abuse or sell email addresses.

Warning: This is a “shared” imebase database. You’re probably not the only one logged in, so you could see some data change as you work through imebase.

What can I try?

Feel free to enter and change data, click buttons, and do anything you want to explore how imebase works. Most features really work, including sending faxes – so don’t send faxes anywhere but your own fax machine.

If you’d like a guided demo or a private trial account to see how imebase could work for your business, please get in touch.

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