Imebase is Secure

Sending email with claimant information is a privacy violation

Some organizations involved in the IME process are exposing their claimant data to security risk. In fact, if you’re sending email with claimant information, you are violating a widely accepted best practice for covered entities under the HIPAA regulations.

ss_confidentialEven if you don’t meet the definition of a covered entity, you are risking financial damages if your organization exposes sensitive claimant data.

Email is not secure because it requires that data be sent unencrypted over the internet. Even password-protected attachments are insufficiently secure to qualify as a safe practice when handling claimant data.

imebase solves the privacy problem

With imebase, you can exchange information with your colleagues, your physicians, and your customers over a secure SSL internet connection (just like your bank uses). And just like email, imebase allows you to attach documents and have “threaded” conversations.

Using imebase for transferring claimant data is as easy as email

  1. Login to imebase
  2. Edit or upload information about a case
  3. Optionally, notify your client or physician that new information is available. This notification will appear prominently in imebase.

Improving security is an investment in your company

Because so many organizations fail to handle sensitive data properly, improving your security is a marketable benefit you can use to get more IME business-particularly among the largest, most desirable requestors who are well versed in securely handling claimant data.